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Monica graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a Master of Fine Arts in ceramics in 2021. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Central Connecticut State University with a concentration in ceramics in 2014. She teaches at Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Junkpot Studio, Farmington Valley Art Center, and Wesleyan Potters. She is also the University Assistant/ceramics technician at Central Connecticut State University. Monica maintains a private studio at home and continues to exhibit her work nationally. Monica’s work has received the Award of Excellence in Contemporary Clay 2022, and Juror’s Choice, in De/composition: National Juried Show in 2019.


Artist Statement

      My recent focus has been on creating two different bodies of work. My work uses wheel thrown and hand building techniques to create a variety of forms out of clay.
     In one body of work, I search to create movement within my ceramic sculptures through intricate cuts and fundamental planning. My ideas are derived from looking at traditional ceramic vessels and redesigning them in a way that pushes their structural integrity.
    The second body of work focuses on my personal narrative about my emotions with time. The reality that time is fleeting is always on my mind. The human condition exists as an imperfect entity because the presence of death is inevitable. I intentionally destroy parts of the work to emphasize imperfection, inevitability and disease while leaving enough of the piece to portray memory, or the visual evidence of what used to be.
I’m intrigued by the investigation of control in creating form, endless surface finishes, and the use of contrasting colors and textures within my ceramic sculptures.


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